It’s a Neighborly Day In The Bloghood!

Licorice let me photo bomb him.

Licorice let me photo bomb him.

First, thank you to all 34 of the lovely people who are now following my blog. Welcome, Welcome! I hope you guys are enjoying the posts. Eventually, I’ll get to posting some excerpts of my work, because I keep SAYING I write horror, but I’m not putting anything out there for you all to read. The little flash fiction thing I put up a couple of weeks ago doesn’t count. Blame that on the enormous Granny Smith apple I was eating at the time. The pesticides made me do it.

What a day for this little blog, though! Most views since I started, and lots of interaction with one of my favorite bloggers. Even Twitter was super friendly – all the follows there were a great Wednesday surprise.

I feel special, but I know it’s really because all of you are just awesome.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Neighborly Day In The Bloghood!

  1. Hi there and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I am looking forward to reading your horror fiction, as I am a massive horror fan. What a gorgeous cat, I too have a black cat named Salem, though he is rather camera shy it seems, so no pics of him on my blog as of yet. Thank you for the follow, it is really very appreciated.


  2. Thank you for the follow back! I appreciate it as well. 🙂 Licorice is a character, definitely a guy that is not about his looks. 🙂 He was staring at himself on my phone screen when I took that picture. I am trying to figure out what story or excerpt to post for everyone, but I will definitely soon.

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