Where I Am Besieged By First World Problems And Whine About Them.

Up until now, I’ve kept the tone of this blog upbeat, hopefully a little inspiring and kept the focus on my writing. Today, I’m going to just whine a little (okay, a lot) and hopefully make it funny, even though these are all things are true and bugging me. On a scale of the problem of ebola in West Africa and the nasty bad terrorists in the Middle East, these are hardly problems, at all, but here we go….

Pumpkin Spice Lattes have A LOT of calories. This stinks, because I really, really want one. The biggest one they have.

The touch pad on my laptop has decided to lose it’s teeny electronic mind. I have to buy a regular mouse. This makes writing a challenge when the cursor has free will and goes where it wants.

My phone charger is about to die.

I’m working on losing weight again, and I’m down 24lbs. I hit a plateau and have held steady at this number for a week. Halloween candy and PMS are not helping. Neither is the growing desire to eat an entire half gallon of pumpkin pie ice cream (I haven’t done that yet, but it’s getting harder to resist…)

I NEED pantyhose, but I don’t want to buy or wear them.

I have stuff to hang in my new place and I don’t want to because the walls are so pretty and freshly painted. BUT, the stuff not hung is bugging me.

The “yes, this will absolutely deal with the dark circle under your eyes!” cream and concealer combo is not working.

All the free episodes of “Big Bang Theory” I used to get through On Demand are gone now that I upgraded my stupid cable.

The only season of “American Horror Story” NOT available on Netflix yet is the one I want to watch. And no, I don’t want to watch the new season. Scary clowns suck.

I’m going to a concert on Saturday with my fabulous and fun friends. I just want to stay home and sulk.

I want to sleep late on Saturday, but there will be construction going on across the street early in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Where I Am Besieged By First World Problems And Whine About Them.

  1. LOL…Good! Then I achieved my goal of entertaining my readers with my petty little problems (well, not so little – being deprived of pumpkin spice lattes for the sake of my jeans fitting seems like a very big deal to me!)
    Thanks for reading!


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