Nice To Meet You, Mary Sue, Er, I Mean, Anastasia….When Fan Fic Writing Techniques Appear In Mainstream Novels

I’ve spent two posts discussing “Fifty Shades of Grey” and the negative themes and destructive plot lines that weave through the series.  In all fairness, I never acknowledged the fact that E. L. James has done something I HOPE to do some day. She wrote and published three wildly popular novels, made a mega ton of cash and now gets to see her hard work turned into what I am sure will be a smash hit. That’s huge and I am happy for her.

Then, I saw this while I was looking for an image for my last post (which you can find here:



So, I thought, you know, I don’t recall ever seeing Ms. E. L. James, but why do I have this weird image of her being a curvy dark haired woman?  So, back to Google I went.

She could be my British twin...FREAKY!

She could be my British twin…FREAKY!

I'm the sun deprived brunette in the front

I’m the sun deprived brunette in the front

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Not So Grey – The Black and White of My Opinion of “Fifty Shades….”



I’ve been thinking about the frenzy over the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ books and now the movie that’s coming out soon. I don’t quite understand why it’s so popular. I feel a little (okay, a lot) like an observer from a distant planet watching as the squeeing, silly Earthling females get all excited about what they see as ‘naughty’ sex and heart pounding romance.

It’s probably not healthy to be so detached. But, really, I just don’t get it.

(Disclaimer: The rest of this is going to maybe be a bit NSFW and possibly offensive. So, if you’’ve been uncomfortable with anything I’ve posted before, maybe you could skip this one.)

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In Choosing, We Set Our Course. In Acting, We Take Our First Step – On Decisions, Choices and Action


Imagine that you’re drowning.

Not a very pretty image, but come on, play along and just imagine for a minute.

The water is black around you, the sky overhead is equally so and teeming with rain, lightning streaking over your head. You’re struggling for air, slipping down deep, the water pulling at your legs and arms, dragging you further from the surface. You make one last, desperate push for air and break through the waves, gasping. Sharks are closing in, you can see their knife blade fins slicing the water around you.

If you try and tread water, you’ll be dead. One more wave will crush you, the water is freezing, so the longer you stay in it, the closer to hypothermia you get. The sharks look pretty hungry, too.

Suddenly, there is a splash and a burst of bright red beside you. You look up at it and see the hulk of a ship, hear the small voices of the people on it, calling out to you, someone holding the line on the life preserver to pull you to safety.

Now you have to choose. Live or Die.  You don’t have time to wonder if another ship is coming, or worry that the sharks will starve to death if they don’t eat you or maybe think you could hold out a little longer until the storm passes and then swim to shore. You have to choose to save yourself or become sushi for the sharks.

What do you do?

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