Do You Need An Intervention? If You Can Say Yes to Any of The Following, Probably….

All respect to the people whose lives have been saved because their families stepped in just in time to stop the self damaging behavior, truly.  An intervention is a serious step for anyone struggling with addictions and destructive behavior. I’m not making light of it at all. It’s just that I’m starting to notice some of my….errr…..let’s just say eccentric behavior and I’m starting to get a little worried.

1) I dustbustered my dog.

This is the BEST dog, ever. That's right, I said EVER.

This is the BEST dog, ever. That’s right, I said EVER.

Maybe it was because my son said he saw a flea on her. Maybe it was because when I checked for the flea, she was shedding everywhere. Maybe it was because it suddenly occurred to me that using the dustbuster would be a great way to deal with her short hair. I am happy to say the experiment was successful – got quite a bit of loose hair off her and was able to rule out the flea thing (YAY for Capstar and Frontline), but my poor girl was scared. It’s been about two hours since the dustbustering and she finally comes when I call her, instead of standing just out of reach, wagging her tail like the sweet girl she is, but staying far away from the crazy lady with the handheld vacuum cleaner.

2) I ate a whole box of Russell Stover Chocolates. BY MYSELF.


It was over a few days, though, so I don’t think it has the same “ZOMG! She’s out of control” feeling it might have had if I’d scarfed down the whole box in one sitting. Can anyone eat the whole box in one sitting? But, it cannot be denied that I ate the whole thing by myself.  There were no duds – I liked them all. I think the coconut cream was my favorite, though.

3) I leave Food Network on all day.

I mentally compete with the contestants on “Chopped”.  I think I could win.  Today, I watched those bozos make French Toast and Crème Brulee out of chocolate cigars, pretzels, salted mixed nuts and rice pudding for the third round. It occurred to me that chocolate chip (chopped chocolate cigars) rice pudding balls with pretzel and mixed nut coats and maybe a raspberry sauce and fresh whipped cream would have thrilled the judges. I might also have a thing for Guy Fieri, although I think that guy Jeff Mauro (he has a show where he makes different sandwiches…) is more my speed. I think it’s because he’s taller and doesn’t have the crazy hair.

4) I haven’t worked on my novel since the end of October.

Yeah…I haven’t. I don’t really know what to say about this, except I know I have to finish it.  I even want to finish it. I just don’t seem to be able to.

5) I have so much to do around here and I just don’t care.

Why is it bad if I just want to stay in bed all day? I remember reading the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory books and was amazed at the grandparents hanging out in bed all day. Now, I think they’re on to something.  I’d like to try it sometime, but I can never just stay there.  Even when I was sick, I had to get up and wander around.

6) I’m feeling sort of adrift.

Just bobbing along with the tide. That’s okay, right? I mean, people go through that from time to time, don’t they?

I’m looking at the best Christmas present I got this year – well I bought it with the ONLY Christmas gift I got this year. It’s a weathered sign with the word “HOPE” painted on it in red. The red paint matches the red I have accenting things throughout the house.  I remember when I found it in Marshalls, just before it went on sale (they were selling it as a Christmas decoration) I actually HID it so no one would find it and then went back the day after Christmas to claim it. I just had to have it.  Maybe I just knew it would be the right shade of red. Maybe I’ve hoped so long for so many things I recognized it as a cosmic sign from the Universe to not stop hoping when I really am ready to give up.

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions. I’m just going to watch Guy Fieri visit all of those neat little restaurants and worry about all of that tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Do You Need An Intervention? If You Can Say Yes to Any of The Following, Probably….

  1. Ha Ha! The poor dog but at least it worked! I have been guilty in the past of polishing off a box of chocs so you are not alone on that one, Nor are you alone on wanting to stay in bed all day, well at least sleeping all day as I too can’t physically stay in bed for too long!
    So, you can either be comforted by the fact that there are others like you, or convinced you need help! 🙂

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