The Decline of Polite Society – Evidence, Fueled By My Cranky Mood


Why, yes, I certainly do.

I’m in that kind of mood. The kind of mood that  sullenly observes the decline of our society and grumbles about it not coming soon enough.

Reading past this cut will offend and upset some. Don’t do it if you’re feeling fragile. I am not interested in fragility right now.

First, I don’t want to forget my manners. Thank you everyone that has discovered and followed my blog. You are all welcome and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to include me on your WordPress Reader list. There are almost 110 of you now. 🙂

Second, as the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie juggernaut looms, I continue to shake my head at the fact that people are so happy to hand over their autonomy to a book series, a movie and the media. I saw the statistic today that 44% of women preferred reading the book to having actual sex and I decided it’s time to give up trying to be heard. How do you counter that?  It’s one of the signs that civilization as we know it is coming to an end. 44% is a LOT of women. On the other hand, that means I’ve probably had more satisfying phone sex (You know, with a male human being, but still in the realm of fantasy) than almost half the women(44%) polled on this subject AND I’d still choose the real sweaty, heart pounding thing over some other woman’s midlife crisis fantasy ANY DAY.  (And, if you are inclined to ask with whom I had this satisfying phone sex with, do not ask. I am not telling because it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS). *see above disclaimer about not entertaining fragility*

I’m resigning myself to just deal with the frenzy and then laugh my ass off when all the fans come back disappointed, if not for the reasons I’ve outlined in past posts:,,

The third thing that has been hovering at the edges of my brain is this whole measles vaccination issue. I know there are people that worry about the measles vaccine causing autism. I’m not a scientist and I can only make observations based on the most casual data, so…here it goes….we all got the vaccination, right? The disease was just about extinct. Of the generations born since the vaccine was invented, the cases of autism have risen what, in the last 10 to 15 years only?(someone please correct me if I’m wrong, just be nice, because I am really cranky.)  I’m willing to venture the idea that perhaps there are other causes, other reasons autism has become much more common (better catches by doctors on diagnosis? wider definition and classification of symptoms? increase in artificial additives in EVERYTHING? pollution?…) One unvaccinated person has caused a spreading crisis of the disease along the West Coast – with cases being identified every day. Wake up, people. Get your kids vaccinated and stop the nonsense.  Autism deserves real science, real research and diluting it with old wives tales and crying about your rights to not vaccinate your child does a disservice to us all. What about my right to protect my child from the measles or my own right to NOT get the disease? I don’t get a right to that, I guess.

The last thing is my teenage son closes all the blinds, makes the house dark and then leaves all the lights on. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!

People bug me.

Pass the chocolate ice cream and no one gets hurt. Society might be on the downslope, but as long as there’s ice cream, maybe it will all be okay.


11 thoughts on “The Decline of Polite Society – Evidence, Fueled By My Cranky Mood

  1. Well I also agree with you on both points that you raised! As far as ’50 Shades Of Grey’ goes, I will NOT be giving any of my money over to watch a movie, when the book was so bloody monotonous, As I mentioned before, Christian behaves like a sociopathic stalker, and Anastasia is a bloody drip!
    what is wrong with women that would rather read about sex than participate in it? 44% is a hell of a lot of frustrated partners who probably want to string up Christian as well as E L James!
    On a more serious note, i am also totally with you on the measles vaccine. We had the same controversy here in the UK about whether it causes Autism or not. I had my daughter vaccinated as for me it was extremely important to get rid of measles as it is a nasty and potentially dangerous infection. we had almost wiped it out over here, but because some parents were not getting their children vaccinated, it has started to spread again. By the waym according to al least twelve epidemiological studies that have been carried out in several different countries, no significant link was found between the vaccine and autism.

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    • The consensus is that whatever sex the 44% had before “Fifty Shades of Grey” must have been pretty bad!

      I thought I saw those study results about the measles vaccine and autism not being connected. I can’t imagine how people feel when dealing with their child’s diagnosis, but I can understand looking for any possible reason WHY. I didn’t realize it was an issue in the UK, too.

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      • Poor Buggers! Yes we had uproar over here as one of our medical ‘experts’ claimed that the MMR jab was linked to autism and frightened everyone to death. It was quite a bit later when it was proven not to be linked, but the damage was done, and people were still a bit nervous.


      • On the news this a.m. a Senator that is hoping to run for President in the next election actually said that vaccines can contribute to mental disease. GAH!! While I recognize the cheap bid for ‘conservative’ votes for what it was, the idea of the vaccination issue falling along political lines gives me the creeps. Why do people WANT to politicize issues like this? Other than religious reasons (and this is public health at risk, not just individual) why is this even an option?

        I really, really need ice cream.

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  2. I’ll send you chocolate ice cream if you send me the phone numbers of the female 44% Ha!

    Actually the movie is meh and will be out of the theaters within a week or so…. the real tell will be on how many babies are born around Nov.14 The vaccination thing is totally nuts Just get the shot…the parents think their kids are pure with no chemicals in them if they stay un vaccinated…uhhh riiiiight…If they have eaten a big mac then they are no longer chemically pure….can I get an amen?…..and those numbers?


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