Where Have All The Good Men Gone? – Night Off

Sorry, all – late work night (City Commission meeting for 4 hours only to have our item tabled….) and bad cold have sidelined tonight’s post.

But, HINT…..This Regency Hero is easily as meme’d as Mr. Grey


6 thoughts on “Where Have All The Good Men Gone? – Night Off

  1. Take care of yourself! Oh and as for 50 shades every showing in every theater by me is completely sold out….there are a lot of …ahem… women out there…some people just love that type of fantasy, and that’s OK… doesn’t make Grey a bad person mind you…if I had billions My attitudes may change…probably not but you never know….


      • ummmm that’s wrong right? Ha just messing with you…if I had a billion dollars, I’d have a sex/pleasure room as well…it would be filled with twinkies, hoho’s, a bbq pit to cook red meat and noooo veggies If a woman wanted me to tie her down I would be there in a moment with a pack of red vines in my pocket….always at the ready is my motto…oh and you can visit me….but ya gotta bring your own red vines…RawR!


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