A Wealth of Wit – Day Five of Seven Days of Good Men in Movies, On TV And In Print

Ah, the power of the spoken word. I think it’s safe to say that most of us find the quick and clever turn of phrase almost irresistible. Combine that with a killer sense of humor and a disarming smile, and that as they say, is that. The trick though, is knowing when the intellect and charm come from a generous and warm hearted soul and not a sociopath, like the odious Mr. Grey. So, I’ve recruited a couple of wonderful examples of the right kind of smooth talkers.

First, in case you need to catch up,  find all the men so far here: Series Page

No one turns a phrase or has been able to write a memorable line like William Shakespeare.  The characters that populate his plays are immortal.  Of all Shakespeare’s leading men, one stands out in my mind as the most witty, the most funny and is my very favorite..IMG_2665

Much Ado About Nothing is my favorite of Shakespeare’s plays. And, it’s comic hero, Benedick, is the male counterpart to my literary twin, Beatrice. Together, they keep what would have been a simple ‘boy meets girl’ story full of zip and sparkle. Benedick is one of the Crown Prince’s best men, loyal, brave and famous for his sharp wit. Benedick isn’t looking for love, but even as he affirms his intention to remain unwed, his friends have other plans.  With an explosion of hilarity and rapid fire banter that would be completely at home in a modern romantic comedy, Benedick finds himself in love and at odds with his Prince and best friend.

Next, it’s a surprise that I haven’t had a character played by Cary Grant on the list up until now, but after some thought, I decided on this:


In “His Girl Friday”, Cary Grant plays Walter, the first husband of rapid fire reporter Hildy Johnson. The ink isn’t quite dry on their Reno divorce, and Hildy is back to work, sporting another man’s engagement ring where her wedding band used to be. Walter is a man who gets what he wants, whether it’s the story or the girl and now it’s both. It takes every ounce of Walter’s wit, craftiness and out and out trickery to get Hildy right where he wants her.  Now, Walter almost falls into the bad boy category, because he really is ruthless, but his commitment to saving the life of an innocent man, the way he wants Hildy’s real happiness and is willing to do what it takes to keep her from making a big mistake put him on our list.

That’s all for tonight, folks! See you tomorrow!


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