The Yes, No and I Don’t Know Of It All – Where is Mr. Smith When We Need Him?

Idealists generally don't go into politics anymore. They write blogs....

Idealists generally don’t go into politics anymore. They write blogs….

This week, the President mentioned the idea of making voting mandatory, like it is in other countries, as a cure for the greed and corruption that plague our American government.   Because, there are hundreds of noble characters like Jimmy Stewart’s “Mr. Smith.” running for elected office and getting beat out by the dirty, career politicians, and only EVERY American voting will keep that from happening. I have a rule for deciding if something is a good idea or not and maybe the President would benefit from my passing it along here now.  (Follow the cut for more….)

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We’re Not Worthy – Observing Specific Unkindness in Action in A “Random Acts Of Kindness” World.

fairy godmother

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We’ve all seen those ‘random acts of kindness’ news stories on t.v. and on social media, right?

A twenty something waitress gets tip large enough to go on European vacation, her dream trip she’ll never take for whatever reason.  Waiter with bad teeth gets $25,000 to have the dental repairs he desperately needs.  A man who walks miles and miles to work gets a car because a young man felt that kind of loyalty and dedication needed to be rewarded (and it really did.  That man deserves to be an example to everyone about what it means to be serious about your job). It’s as if we live in a world with fairy godmothers just lurking around corners, waiting to fulfill the deepest heart felt wish of every hard working, long suffering, good hearted soul.

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Update: I’m STILL Not That Girl. And, As It Turns Out, Cindy Crawford Still Is. Sorry, Everyone.

imagesCEF90JH7A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about that photograph of Cindy Crawford that I believed was an unretouched image. As it turns out, the image was doctored to look that way, and Ms. Crawford actually IS superhuman. She’s also taking steps to make sure that photograph goes away, so I’ll be removing the image from my blog, out of respect for her wishes.  I also have a few things to say about this, because I feel like I owe you all an apology. Continue reading

OH MY GOD, Are those REAL?? In Praise of Real Anything Over Fake Everything and A Little Sunday Mental Exercise

I’m still thinking about that 44% of women who’d read Fifty Shades of Grey and when polled said they’d choose fantasizing over Mr. Grey over having real sex with a flesh and blood man who wanted them. As I said here, it’s mind boggling. Fantasy can’t replace every nuance when two people are physically intimate. It’s like eating low fat, low sugar ‘frozen confection’ desserts instead of a goopy ice cream sundae.  Sure, the frozen dessert is tasty, and it takes care of the temporary urge for sweet, but it is NOT as satisfying as that sundae. (Spare me the, not as good as thin feels stuff, too – I’ve been working on my weight a long time and I know how the propaganda works) As a matter of fact, Russell Brand (who knew, right?) posted a really eloquent video of the damage porn (yes, Fifty Shades fans, that means you, too) does over time, and I think the staggering 44% proves that.  Here’s his video:

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