Update: I’m STILL Not That Girl. And, As It Turns Out, Cindy Crawford Still Is. Sorry, Everyone.

imagesCEF90JH7A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about that photograph of Cindy Crawford that I believed was an unretouched image. As it turns out, the image was doctored to look that way, and Ms. Crawford actually IS superhuman. She’s also taking steps to make sure that photograph goes away, so I’ll be removing the image from my blog, out of respect for her wishes.  I also have a few things to say about this, because I feel like I owe you all an apology.

Commentary on the news of the photo being retouched to ADD stretch marks and extra weight:

No one wants to be represented as something they are not. (especially when they’re shown with the things the rest of us have, like stretch marks, wrinkles, etc.)

No one wants such radical changes made to their image.  (unless it makes their appearance better in some way than it is in real life.)

It is not okay to alter photographs. (unless you’re altering them to enhance an already perfect face and body)

Ms. Crawford is 100% correct in making sure that photograph doesn’t continue to spread around the internet, because it is a false representation of her body. (even though all of the airbrushed, perfected photos over her entire career did the same thing.)

My sincere apology to you, Dear Reader, and a heartfelt plea:

I apologize for jumping on that photo as an example to everyone about how we shouldn’t let things like wrinkles, grey hair, stretch marks make us feel badly or insecure about ourselves.

I’m sorry because the message is still valid. Ms. Crawford defending herself and her image non-withstanding.

My plea is that none of you forget how beautiful you are. Every day. Just as you are, right now, you are perfect.


One thought on “Update: I’m STILL Not That Girl. And, As It Turns Out, Cindy Crawford Still Is. Sorry, Everyone.

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