Father of Mine – What a Paternally Outsourced Daughter Learns From Men She Meets Later In Life

I want to preface this post with a completely unsentimental, but absolutely apropos quote from Anne Lamott:

2cd14cc097854fd6e645171ce05b6357This isn’t going to start out well. The warm, fuzzy appreciative part comes at the end.

My parents were young when I was born, barely into their twenties and living on the cusp of the 1970’s.  On the surface, they had a lot in common, both bright, intelligent and from large, close knit Roman Catholic families. It was the underneath of their relationship that held all the cracks and flaws that would eventually pull them apart.  If I had to guess now, as an adult, what finally did break things, I’d have to say it a matter of priorities.  My mother’s were to her young family and her marriage. My father’s were simply not. I was three and my sister was newly born when things finally hit critical mass between my mother and father. It’s funny the things you remember: Continue reading

Oy Vey….THE Guilt! Silly and Simple Things That Make Us Happy Shouldn’t Make Us Feel Guilty, Too…

It’s happened to all of us at some point.

You’re at a family barbeque, being helpful by slicing up watermelon for everyone.  The middle (which is always the sweetest and if you cut right, is always the magical FIRST BITE…) is perfectly cooled and before you know it, you’ve sliced that “first bite” off a couple of wedges just for yourself.

See the pointy end? It KNOWS it's the first bite and it's just daring you...

See the pointy end? It KNOWS it’s the first bite and it’s just daring you…

OR Continue reading


Last of the series! Awesome finale!

Monsters, and Madmen, and Robots Who Fight Monsters...Oh My!

John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982)

I really hate Star Wars.

There! After all these years I’ve finally stated it publicly. I feel liberated.

I really hate Star Wars.

I recognize the importance of the original trilogy when it comes to movies. I recognize the importance of the original trilogy when it comes to many people’s childhood memories. I also know that the fanboys in my family will probably burn my house down when they read this… so be it! One more time.

I really *hate* Star Wars.

I hate all six films. I hate the trillion video games, comic books, action figures, other toys and Lego sets. I hate Star Wars parodies. I hate the 600 pounds of questionable literature (why do people pay for fan fiction?) I hate that Disney owns it, just as they will one day own everything else, and I hate that they have plans to…

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God, I Wish I Wrote This! – When Movies And Real Life Collide

About Time comes from the writer/director of Love Actually,  Four Weddings and A Funeral (two of my favorite movies ever…) and Notting Hill.  All of those films have moments of realistic clarity, but About Time with it’s fantastic premise, showcases a very sweet and to me, honest romantic relationship as well.  The movie itself is well worth watching – catch it on HBO if you can.

This is my favorite, favorite scene:

I love this scene because it’s a completely mundane event in the shared life of two people, but it’s hilarious, too.

Which is how such a moment should be in real life. 🙂

IT’S MY LIFE – An Open Letter To My Teenaged Son About Really Being Grown Up.

First, thank you oh so much, Billy Joel, you monster, for the song that now haunts my subconscious whenever my 14 year old restates his teenage mission statement.  Just to show my appreciation, I’m posting your classic song in it’s less happy incarnation: the theme song to to the television show, “Bosom Buddies”.   Take THAT, Billy Joel.

While it definitely seems like my son has memorized this song, because I hear most of the lyrics daily, I’m told this is part of the deal when it comes to raising teenagers. I’d probably feel better about it if I hadn’t been dealing with mini insurrections for years already.  I’m very keenly aware of it being his life that he’s so desperate to lead without my guidance and instruction, thank you very much. I could be philosophical and be sentimental about how beautiful it is to watch my child grow into a man,how honored I am that I’m part of this experience for him. I should be maybe, but….

…blah blah blah blah blah…

So, this is me, most of the time lately: (Yes, I even do the hand gesture.. such a bad mother…) Continue reading

20 Things People Only Do In New York City

Salad wasn’t $18 and there were no televisions in cabs, but yes, this list is true…lol

Thought Catalog


1. Get annoyed while waiting on the subway then leaning over, staring down the subway tunnel as if it’s going to make the train come faster.

2. Feel pangs of annoyance, then sadness, when it’s Saturday night and the next train is coming in thirty five minutes.

3. Know two to three places with a public restroom that are not Starbucks when they’re out and about. Crate and Barrel on the corner of Houston and Broadway for the win!

4. Be like, “Oh, I can’t eat here this place has a C.”

5. Believe that $18 is a perfectly fine price to pay for a salad.

6. Stop and look at real estate prices when you can barely afford your current rent, let alone move/pay first months rent, last months rent, security deposit and brokers fee all over again.

7. Blame the weekend schedule for being late to…

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