Girl Talk – Welcome To The World of Women, Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner.

Big news today, right?

While this is about the unveiling of the new Caitlyn Jenner, I just want to take a minute to address the people giving Drake Bell a hard time about his Tweets.

a) Bruce Jenner was a sports icon. He was EVERYWHERE after he gold medaled at the Olympics in the 1970’s. His choice to become a woman has been shocking to some of us who remember him as a glowing hero on a Wheaties box.  I understand that the older, (non-Kardashian) Jenner children are planning to do what they can to preserve their father’s legacy, and I think that’s a wonderful thing to do. Bruce Jenner was a legend in his time, and I think many athletes should continue to be inspired by his accomplishments.

This is the Bruce Jenner I remember.

This is the Bruce Jenner I remember.

b) Drake Bell is entitled to his opinion on the subject. We live in a Freedom of Speech country, and guess what? Not everyone needs, wants or has to be politically correct. Gasp, horror! Plus, as I recall, Mr. Bell is known for his funny posts on Twitter. Funny people sometimes say the TRUE thing in order to shock and get a reaction.

c) If someone, ANYONE, makes such a drastic change to themselves, IN THE PUBLIC EYE, people are going to comment and that is part of the deal. I seriously doubt the new Ms. Jenner even cares what Drake Bell thinks.  I will say this: Annie Leibovitz can photograph ANYONE and make them look amazing.

Photo from the upcoming Vanity Fair article. Don't think she's giving Drake Bell much thought.

Photo from the upcoming Vanity Fair article. Don’t think she’s giving Drake Bell much thought.

So, with that covered, I have some thoughts about this whole thing myself…
I have to be completely honest here. The whole concept of gender reassignment is confusing to me. I’ve spent 47 years as a female, growing into the woman I am. From the day my first period started ( I was 11), to the summer I suddenly LOOKED like a woman (13 years old) to the moment I found out I was pregnant (32) until today, three days before my 47th birthday and praying for menopause to FINALLY start, it’s all always been about being female. I can’t imagine being anything else. The amount of surgery a man has to have to even begin looking like a woman is staggering. Hormones that occur in my body naturally, a man would have to take for the rest of his life to make his body feminine. (And vice versa…a woman becoming a man goes though equally difficult surgery and strict medication therapy…)

Why? Isn’t having surgery to feel good about yourself something that’s bad? Isn’t transforming yourself into something other than what you are wrong? Isn’t indulging someone who insists they were ‘born in the wrong body” failing them? Aren’t we supposed to be the best just as we are (without major surgery and dependence on synthetic hormones for the rest of our lives?) Things get all judgy when a man takes steroids and testosterone supplements to bulk up, be a stronger athlete…in effect, be MORE manly. Why is that wrong and completely changing gender is laudable and brave?

Support for Caitlyn Jenner is everywhere. I heard a woman crying on the radio today over this. Tears of joy. Why? I’m not moved by Ms. Jenner’s transformation. I’m not against her right to do it (especially as she’s got the money to make it all happen.), but nothing about what we’re seeing in these pictures IS real. Caitlyn Jenner is a construction. A 65 year old woman who looks like that (a natural born woman) would be catching hell for being so uncomfortable with growing older, so desperate to be young that she’s had enough surgery to build a whole new person. Look at what that cost Joan Rivers…that quest to be more beautiful and ageless. But no, the media says gender reassignment surgery is okay and that anyone pauses for a moment and says “Wait….what?” is being mean and biased against transgendered people.

It’s not wrong to have questions.

What would be wrong would be to cause someone pain, to treat them badly, to deny them rights. Mean would be to intentionally be cruel to someone because you don’t agree with their choices. That’s not happening here.

Once again, folks, you’re being directed how to think and feel instead of having your own feelings. We’re all worried about how triumphant Caitlin Jenner is, how safe she feels in this debut, and no one cares that they aren’t being allowed to have their own thoughts about this.


11 thoughts on “Girl Talk – Welcome To The World of Women, Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner.

  1. A lot of people basically beg to be told what to think and feel everyday. Most remain generally unaware that they lack the ability to think for themselves.
    As far as all of this goes, count me amongst those who just are not interested in any way. Jenner has the right to be happy… good for him. I have the right to not give a hoot… good for me.

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    • Careful…that’s good for HER, now. It’s the people that beg to be told what to think and feel that are really bothering me…lol..the constant theme of a lot of these posts, I guess. But, I could say I’m a puppy, dress like a puppy, but that doesn’t make me eligible for the Westminster Dog Show, either…

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      • True. When and IF that ever happens, it’s going to be a necessity to do exactly what you’re saying. On the other hand, will Caitlyn Jenner make $.75 to every dollar she used to make when she was Bruce Jenner?

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  2. I think gender reassignment is a dis service to the mentally ill. According to the CDC stats, you may as well call someone who has had gender reassignment surgery a pre-suicide, and if he self identified as a dolphin no doctor would try to fashion him flippers and fins, I hope. Have sex with whoever is willing, but getting cut to look like your favorite celebrity or because you fantasize that you are a different gender is (to me at least) a sign that you need mental help. I also like to point out that a “phobia” is a fear that rises to the point of mental illness, so its a nifty bit of judo to call someone trans or homo “phobic” when they express the perfectly reasonable opinion that this is a nutty thing to do…

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    • Ultimately, it’s Ms. Jenner’s life. She had doctors that were willing to make that happen for her, then great. Right now, she looks like a woman and I guess that’s good. As Will pointed out in his response, someday, complete gender reassignment (right down to usable and viable reproductive organs) is in the future and it will bring ethical and social issues up for examination.

      My problem is that the mass cheer of support for Ms. Jenner that comes from going through this process in the public eye brings with it the dissenting view and opinion from other areas. People make choices every day, and thankfully not on tv or in the pages of Vanity Fair, but I imagine there would be people questioning those choices if they could see them happening live.

      Meantime, the same people cheering will shake their heads when they detect plastic surgery on a female celebrity to make her look younger, or condemn an athlete for using steroids to enhance his ability to play, and I have to ask why those people are wrong for doing so, but Ms. Jenner’s total transformation is okay?

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