And Now, A Public Service Announcement From The Boss of This Blog


Yes, that would be me.


Recently,  in response to my post about the recent flurry of excitement surrounding Caitlyn Jenner, I received some interesting, albeit anonymous, replies that were waiting to be screened.  (Yes, all replies are screened for naughtiness/inappropriateness – not dissent, because I am very cool with differences of opinion.)

However, these contextually appropriate messages have not appeared on the post BECAUSE….My name is on this blog. That means pretty much everything I say, except for when I am really being goofy (and most of the time even then) I mean and I stand behind. If I change opinion about something I’ve previously blogged about, I’ll tell you all, I promise.

That said, if you reply to a post of mine with a nickname, or obviously false name, the response WILL not be approved. Be willing to take off the anonymity of the internet and have the integrity to put your name on your words. If you follow the blog and we’ve interacted on posts before, GREAT. That means I follow YOUR blog and know you.

New people, be aware that unless you’ve identified yourself in a reasonable and mature manner, I will disapprove the post and send you on your way with no cookies.

Agree with me. Disagree with me. Hate me or love me. Say whatever you want. Just show your face when you do it.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming….a new, mildly amusing post will up later for your enjoyment.


4 thoughts on “And Now, A Public Service Announcement From The Boss of This Blog

  1. I totally relate. I had an anonymous cretin from some MRA subgroup write a scathing, frothing, lengthy comment on one of my pop culture entries, ranting about women heroes in film and such… I deleted it but not before I saved it and used it as part of the premise for my next entry, pasting it in its lunatic entirety. You know what they say…Opinions and a$$holes, everyone has one.

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    • Anyone can say what they want to me – I don’t care if they disagree. But hiding behind a nickname is cowardly. Anonymous postings like that will not be made public ever. I’m glad you got inspiration for another post out of your experience!

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  2. I accidently posted a comment anonymously. I pushed the post comment button to soon. As soon as I realized I did that. I replied to my own comment right away and identified myself. Sometimes I just get too caught up in what I want to say. My fingers had a mind of their own. 😀

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    • LOL…accidentally is one thing, but the people I’m talking about were purposeful about keeping their identities hidden. People take advantage of the anonymity of the internet to say and act in ways they wouldn’t normally – I’m not indulging that behavior here. 🙂

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