Oy Vey….THE Guilt! Silly and Simple Things That Make Us Happy Shouldn’t Make Us Feel Guilty, Too…

It’s happened to all of us at some point.

You’re at a family barbeque, being helpful by slicing up watermelon for everyone.  The middle (which is always the sweetest and if you cut right, is always the magical FIRST BITE…) is perfectly cooled and before you know it, you’ve sliced that “first bite” off a couple of wedges just for yourself.

See the pointy end? It KNOWS it's the first bite and it's just daring you...

See the pointy end? It KNOWS it’s the first bite and it’s just daring you…


(And this one, now that we live in the age where it’s chic to binge-watch entire seasons of our favorite programs, isn’t quite so bad) You politely decline all social invitations for the weekend because nothing is standing between you and the first season of whatevershowyouloveandnooneelsedoes, or the one and only showing of “Xanadu” with no commercials (or any other movie of your choice). This also applies to dedicating your weekend to reading a book that would shock and scandalize your friends and family.

And those are the shows they're not afraid to admit to....

And those are the shows they’re not afraid to admit to….


You’re in the car with your kid (this may or may not have actually happened, by the way) and you’re listening to the 70’s station because NPR or the classical station isn’t working (or you don’t listen to those channels , like um…me, for example.., don’t judge me).  One particular song comes on and you squeal like a teenager, turn the radio up and ignore your teenager’s obvious discomfort. (It may or may not have been “Saturday Night” by the Bay City Rollers..if you need additional color…)

Ah yes, those cringeworthy, joyful moments in life that we call ‘guilty pleasures’. We all have them, no matter how virtuous, evolved and cultured we are. Most of the time, they’re things that don’t hurt anyone else (except for the people who know you ate the best bites of watermelon, or are scarred for life because you made them listen to three minutes of pure 70’s fun on the radio). So, if it’s no harm, no foul when it comes to these things, why do we feel guilty about them? I admit mine are definitely embarrassing, but really?  What’s wrong with deciding to spend the day or a stolen five minutes, doing nothing but exactly what we want? We’re so busy all the time and so focused on everyone else around us that when the chance comes to do something purely for ourselves we feel badly about it.

Advertisers count on preying on your guilty pleasures to sell you stuff you don’t need. I’m thinking of those commercials that show some woman savoring one tiny piece of chocolate like it’s the last thing she’s ever going to eat again.

I don't care how good that chocolate is, it's never going to blur the world around you....

I don’t care how good that chocolate is, it’s never going to blur the world around you…

I think we should celebrate these things that bring us joy, don’t you? Stop feeling guilty about them and let there be pure happiness over experiencing them.

It’s the weekend, people!  Drag those little things out and load up on happiness, with no guilt. That’s what it’s all about, right? Take the teasing that may follow with good grace and if any selfishness is involved, let it be because you’re giving yourself permission to just enjoy.

So, in the name of honest blogging, and not a little goofery at my own expense, here are some of my ‘guilty/not really guilty’ pleasures.  I hope you’ll share yours, too – but if not, at least let yourself enjoy one or two from your personal list this weekend.

Listening to the 70’s station on the car radio.

YAY for the 21st century…satellite radio on my cell phone!  Now I can take it EVERYWHERE!

Bronze/gold/coppery/nude lip gloss or lipstick. Believe it or not, I am searching for the ultimately perfect RED lipstick for me, but I think Bigfoot must have it. I also have to confess that this pile doesn’t include clear or flavored lip glosses…eek…

Yeah…I may have a problem.

Ice in everything I drink, even milk, if I can get away with it. Because I like to eat the ice after….

You see a means to making sure your iced tea is cold. I see hours of frosty cold crunching joy...

You see a means to making sure your iced tea is cold. I see hours of crunching my way to frosty Nirvana.

Whipped cream all by itself. In a cup.

Not out of the can. I'm a lady, for crying out loud..

Not straight out of the can. I’m a lady, for crying out loud.

In conclusion, to add to this very media heavy post, three songs from my very embarrassing collection of music, ( the Bay City Rollers weren’t embarrassing enough, obviously.)

First, I did spend way too much time at the local roller skating rink/roller disco (they had KIDS hours from noon until 6..so cool…)


And this one, since tomorrow is the first day of summer, and this song has the right balance of fluffy fun and ‘you like this song?’ going on:


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