Ask Me Anything, and Yes, I Mean ANYTHING

So, here’s how the Frequently Asked Questions page is going to go.

You ask me a question. About writing. About parenting. Maybe you want to know where to stay if you’re passing through my town. I will answer in my best smarty pants, teacher’s pet way. Then, I’ll post it here, so future askers can find the answer.  So, be a good blog visitor and ask away. Future generations will thank you! (Or they won’t, but I promise to try to make it fun anyway!) Fill your info in the form, use the comment section for your question and we’re good to go. No dirty questions will be answered and any naughty pictures will used against you. My boyfriend is a state of the bad-ass art guy and he’ll need them to track you down. 😉

Comments on my blog are being screened. I have no problem approving comments that call me out on what I say, but I’m out there with who I am. Don’t hide behind a fake name and expect a response.


Q – Denise, if you couldn’t be a writer, what would you want to DO with the rest of your life?

A – Gentle Reader, I’d cry. And eat ice cream.,I do that now. I guess I’d just cry more.

Q – Is your boyfriend really a state of the bad-ass art guy or are you making it up?

A – Dear Boundary Tester, I’d just take my word for it, if I were you. He kinda looks like Thor, if that helps. But cuter. And Southern.

So, here’s the form.  Go nuts. Be nice.

Let the questions begin!!

jsackmom asked: What is your passion in life, (besides writing) that motivates you, inspires you,  and lights a fire in your belly?

Answer: Dear jsackmom, I’m a passionate person as a rule, so I tend to get enthusiastic about a lot, and I know that sounds like a cop-out, but it’s very true.  I love to cook, read and will attempt anything creative. I’m a miserable painter, but I love to draw. Music is a huge motivator for me, even though I am hopeless at playing any instrument I’ve ever attempted. I do sing, though.  People inspire me. I have a bad habit of listening to other people’s conversations when I’m out and about. The way people interact fascinates me and it’s so helpful when I’m developing characters in my writing.

Suzanne asked: What writing projects were you working on before you started your novel?

Answer: Dear Suzanne, I’ve attempted two other novels, written short stories and quite a lot of fan fiction prior to this current work in progress. I’ve come close to being formally published (as opposed to blogs, etc.) with one of my short stories.  It was a fairy tale and the children’s magazine that planned to publish it closed down.

C.A. Mortenson asked: Does true love exist in all or any of its forms? Examples please.
What is the true purpose of life that does not pertain to a Douglas Adams quote?

Answer: Well, this is a double header of questions, for sure. Yes, true love exists, in all of it’s forms. In the broadest, most general sense, examples are: parents and their children, the sacrifices made for God and country, the enduring, patient relationship between two people that have been together for decades, the faithful dedication of a loyal pet for it’s caretaker and the bonds between family members, just to name a few. To relegate the term ‘true love’ to only the romantic, movie style relationship diminishes how powerful a force it really is. People get blinded by the lack of the Hollywood happy ending that they miss just how much love surrounds them every day.

Your second question is simple: The meaning of life, other than 42, which I think is a perfectly reasonable and sensible answer is to somehow, in whatever way possible, leave the world a better place than when we came into it.

Niall McArdle asked: I won’t ask “what is your novel about?” as it is a question that I myself refuse to answer, but I will ask what motivated you to write fiction?

Answer: I never really thought of writing anything else, despite what all the opinionated, non-fictional blog posts say to the contrary. I admire people that can write solid, compelling non fiction, though. I have a big imagination and lots of weird things living in it, so that just gave me the push in the direction of fiction.

James F. O’Neil asked: Denise, how is it that you have such a deep insight into the feminine mind and heart?  I sometimes think because I am married to a feminine, I have learned.  But I had to learn, and that was rough being in an all-male society through high school and most of college.  Then teaching boys and men for ten years.  How was I able to survive in a woman’s world?  What you say?

Answer: Well, the insight to a feminine mind and heart comes from having both, I guess, being a 46 year old woman.  🙂 I think you survived in a man’s world, with footnotes from the women around you. There’s nothing wrong with that, either. It seems to me you had good guides along the way, though.

Angela asked: Does your job working at the lighthouse provide you with writing material; and can I see a photo of it?  #LighthouseFetish 🙂

Answer: It’s a great place to watch people – gathering info and details for creating characters. There’s a lot of history, so I’m sure there are story ideas just waiting to be mined. 

St. Augustine Lighthouse,  St. Augustine FL

St. Augustine Lighthouse, St. Augustine FL

3 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything, and Yes, I Mean ANYTHING

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  2. I see that you’ve written quite a bit on the blog and we are all better for it…well, mostly better,Ha! And it is great escapism, I’ve done the same thing on my blogs …..but in the end…how is the novel coming along?


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