More thoughts on Homesickness. Well worth the reading.

Monsters, and Madmen, and Robots Who Fight Monsters...Oh My!

Homesickness seems to be the topic in my circle as of late. It has inspired me to explore my own feelings about home. While I’m given over to being reflective on a great many things, home is always  a subject I try to avoid.

A friend’s theory goes that I have conflicted feelings about home, that I both love and hate it. I grew up with the guy. We’re like brothers, and he probably knows me better than anyone, so he might be right in his assessment— more with the hating it part. I struggle with any better feelings.

We come from an extremely rural area in the southeastern part of Kentucky. Places around where I’m from have at times made national news, and while my fellow natives often react in a hurt and bewildered way towards how they portray us, I personally find nothing incorrect in how they…

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20 Things People Only Do In New York City

Salad wasn’t $18 and there were no televisions in cabs, but yes, this list is true…lol

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1. Get annoyed while waiting on the subway then leaning over, staring down the subway tunnel as if it’s going to make the train come faster.

2. Feel pangs of annoyance, then sadness, when it’s Saturday night and the next train is coming in thirty five minutes.

3. Know two to three places with a public restroom that are not Starbucks when they’re out and about. Crate and Barrel on the corner of Houston and Broadway for the win!

4. Be like, “Oh, I can’t eat here this place has a C.”

5. Believe that $18 is a perfectly fine price to pay for a salad.

6. Stop and look at real estate prices when you can barely afford your current rent, let alone move/pay first months rent, last months rent, security deposit and brokers fee all over again.

7. Blame the weekend schedule for being late to…

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