Sowing The Seeds of Doubt, OR, Do The Voices In Your Head Pay Rent?



What is it about self doubt?

It takes on familiar voices, faces and attacks the very fibers of your self esteem, grinding away until it’s all threadbare and full of holes.  They talk when we need to hear our own thoughts and stomp on any small confidence we might have. Now, if you’re a really healthy,  self contained unit when it comes to this stuff,  I admire you.  I’m of the other variety – where my confidence is fragile and my ego is so delicate it almost doesn’t exist.

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Oy Vey….THE Guilt! Silly and Simple Things That Make Us Happy Shouldn’t Make Us Feel Guilty, Too…

It’s happened to all of us at some point.

You’re at a family barbeque, being helpful by slicing up watermelon for everyone.  The middle (which is always the sweetest and if you cut right, is always the magical FIRST BITE…) is perfectly cooled and before you know it, you’ve sliced that “first bite” off a couple of wedges just for yourself.

See the pointy end? It KNOWS it's the first bite and it's just daring you...

See the pointy end? It KNOWS it’s the first bite and it’s just daring you…

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Girl Talk – Welcome To The World of Women, Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner.

Big news today, right?

While this is about the unveiling of the new Caitlyn Jenner, I just want to take a minute to address the people giving Drake Bell a hard time about his Tweets.

a) Bruce Jenner was a sports icon. He was EVERYWHERE after he gold medaled at the Olympics in the 1970’s. His choice to become a woman has been shocking to some of us who remember him as a glowing hero on a Wheaties box.  I understand that the older, (non-Kardashian) Jenner children are planning to do what they can to preserve their father’s legacy, and I think that’s a wonderful thing to do. Bruce Jenner was a legend in his time, and I think many athletes should continue to be inspired by his accomplishments.

This is the Bruce Jenner I remember.

This is the Bruce Jenner I remember.

b) Drake Bell is entitled to his opinion on the subject. We live in a Freedom of Speech country, and guess what? Not everyone needs, wants or has to be politically correct. Gasp, horror! Plus, as I recall, Mr. Bell is known for his funny posts on Twitter. Funny people sometimes say the TRUE thing in order to shock and get a reaction.

c) If someone, ANYONE, makes such a drastic change to themselves, IN THE PUBLIC EYE, people are going to comment and that is part of the deal. I seriously doubt the new Ms. Jenner even cares what Drake Bell thinks.  I will say this: Annie Leibovitz can photograph ANYONE and make them look amazing.

Photo from the upcoming Vanity Fair article. Don't think she's giving Drake Bell much thought.

Photo from the upcoming Vanity Fair article. Don’t think she’s giving Drake Bell much thought.

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