IT’S MY LIFE – An Open Letter To My Teenaged Son About Really Being Grown Up.

First, thank you oh so much, Billy Joel, you monster, for the song that now haunts my subconscious whenever my 14 year old restates his teenage mission statement.  Just to show my appreciation, I’m posting your classic song in it’s less happy incarnation: the theme song to to the television show, “Bosom Buddies”.   Take THAT, Billy Joel.

While it definitely seems like my son has memorized this song, because I hear most of the lyrics daily, I’m told this is part of the deal when it comes to raising teenagers. I’d probably feel better about it if I hadn’t been dealing with mini insurrections for years already.  I’m very keenly aware of it being his life that he’s so desperate to lead without my guidance and instruction, thank you very much. I could be philosophical and be sentimental about how beautiful it is to watch my child grow into a man,how honored I am that I’m part of this experience for him. I should be maybe, but….

…blah blah blah blah blah…

So, this is me, most of the time lately: (Yes, I even do the hand gesture.. such a bad mother…) Continue reading