Guest Star Of My Own Blog

I’m back. It’s been 8 months. Almost exactly, as a matter of fact, which is weird, but here I am. 
Have some stuff to write about, so stay tuned.  It’s been a long, strange few months. (In the same way as an 8 month trek over broken glass and rusty nails would be. Yes, that strange.)

Meantime, I have some pictures to share. 


Yeah….so, that happened….

Worst feeling in the world, relationship wise: when your world falls apart and your best friend, the one you’d go to with it, was the architect of your current situation. I keep hoping to get some kind of…something, and in the absence of that, a way to make myself readjust to the new reality I find around me.

Meantime, while I wait, I’ve been a photographing fool. All of these are available at Fine Art America here: I’m pretty sure anything ordered in the US will be there by Christmas.  

I’ll think about the rest tomorrow….

Sowing The Seeds of Doubt, OR, Do The Voices In Your Head Pay Rent?



What is it about self doubt?

It takes on familiar voices, faces and attacks the very fibers of your self esteem, grinding away until it’s all threadbare and full of holes.  They talk when we need to hear our own thoughts and stomp on any small confidence we might have. Now, if you’re a really healthy,  self contained unit when it comes to this stuff,  I admire you.  I’m of the other variety – where my confidence is fragile and my ego is so delicate it almost doesn’t exist.

I did say ALMOST….. Continue reading


Check out the latest from Will’s blog. Good stuff!

Monsters, and Madmen, and Robots Who Fight Monsters...Oh My!

I was goofing around my home office a while back, not engaged in much, when my son wandered in. Now picture a paper factory that has exploded, listen for the sounds of technology in various degrees of nervous collapse accompanied by my profanity (a few well placed swear words grease the grinding gears of life, thank you very much), and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what exactly goes on in my home office.

Anyway, after being nosey in the manner of kids (especially him) my boy looked at me and asked, “Daddy, why do you always write about spooky stuff.”

That question wasn’t exactly surprising or shocking — the kid has asked me worse, let me assure you. I’ve heard that question before at various stages of my life. What I’ve never done is attempt to answer it. So, in the spirit of blogging when I should be…

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MAD MAX VS. MARVEL! My Unhealthy Fascination With Stuff Blowing Up

First post on a blog you all should check out. 🙂 It’s all about explosions, alpha maleness and car chases…

Monsters, and Madmen, and Robots Who Fight Monsters...Oh My!

I admit that I am a guy. A dude. A mannn. A man in the fully grip of manly manhood. As a manly man guy, I freely admit that I enjoy watching shit blow up, violence, and non-stop car chases in which there is violence and shit blowing up. There is art and then there is A R T: HELLS YEAH! The first enlightens you— somewhere along the way you might learn a little something about yourself and life. The second makes your eyes bleed and pulverizes your brains to mush with ONE POINT TWENTY-ONE GIGAWATTS of Dolby Digital sound.

I’m an eyes bleeding, mushy brained sort of guy. Sue me.

Too many guys seem to live in denial of their essential guyness wheit comes to movies these days. Very often we accompany (dragged, really, dragged) our significant others to films that are the eternal themes of perky starlet…

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