Sowing The Seeds of Doubt, OR, Do The Voices In Your Head Pay Rent?



What is it about self doubt?

It takes on familiar voices, faces and attacks the very fibers of your self esteem, grinding away until it’s all threadbare and full of holes.  They talk when we need to hear our own thoughts and stomp on any small confidence we might have. Now, if you’re a really healthy,  self contained unit when it comes to this stuff,  I admire you.  I’m of the other variety – where my confidence is fragile and my ego is so delicate it almost doesn’t exist.

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In Anger, Infinite. In Rage, Eternal Or Yes, I’m annoyed, why?

It’s funny how people can read the same things and get completely different things from the text.

For example, one of my favorite modern books is a short novel called The Dogs of Babel,  written by Carolyn Parkhurst. The novel addresses  the thoughts and behavior of a grief stricken linguistics professor after his artist wife’s death. The main character, Paul, travels some fairly hellacious ground before finally realizing the way out of his grief is to just feel it.

Dark? Yes, very.

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God, I Wish I Wrote This! – When Movies And Real Life Collide

About Time comes from the writer/director of Love Actually,  Four Weddings and A Funeral (two of my favorite movies ever…) and Notting Hill.  All of those films have moments of realistic clarity, but About Time with it’s fantastic premise, showcases a very sweet and to me, honest romantic relationship as well.  The movie itself is well worth watching – catch it on HBO if you can.

This is my favorite, favorite scene:

I love this scene because it’s a completely mundane event in the shared life of two people, but it’s hilarious, too.

Which is how such a moment should be in real life. 🙂