More thoughts on Homesickness. Well worth the reading.

Monsters, and Madmen, and Robots Who Fight Monsters...Oh My!

Homesickness seems to be the topic in my circle as of late. It has inspired me to explore my own feelings about home. While I’m given over to being reflective on a great many things, home is always  a subject I try to avoid.

A friend’s theory goes that I have conflicted feelings about home, that I both love and hate it. I grew up with the guy. We’re like brothers, and he probably knows me better than anyone, so he might be right in his assessment— more with the hating it part. I struggle with any better feelings.

We come from an extremely rural area in the southeastern part of Kentucky. Places around where I’m from have at times made national news, and while my fellow natives often react in a hurt and bewildered way towards how they portray us, I personally find nothing incorrect in how they…

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Check out the latest from Will’s blog. Good stuff!

Monsters, and Madmen, and Robots Who Fight Monsters...Oh My!

I was goofing around my home office a while back, not engaged in much, when my son wandered in. Now picture a paper factory that has exploded, listen for the sounds of technology in various degrees of nervous collapse accompanied by my profanity (a few well placed swear words grease the grinding gears of life, thank you very much), and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what exactly goes on in my home office.

Anyway, after being nosey in the manner of kids (especially him) my boy looked at me and asked, “Daddy, why do you always write about spooky stuff.”

That question wasn’t exactly surprising or shocking — the kid has asked me worse, let me assure you. I’ve heard that question before at various stages of my life. What I’ve never done is attempt to answer it. So, in the spirit of blogging when I should be…

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Father of Mine – What a Paternally Outsourced Daughter Learns From Men She Meets Later In Life

I want to preface this post with a completely unsentimental, but absolutely apropos quote from Anne Lamott:

2cd14cc097854fd6e645171ce05b6357This isn’t going to start out well. The warm, fuzzy appreciative part comes at the end.

My parents were young when I was born, barely into their twenties and living on the cusp of the 1970’s.  On the surface, they had a lot in common, both bright, intelligent and from large, close knit Roman Catholic families. It was the underneath of their relationship that held all the cracks and flaws that would eventually pull them apart.  If I had to guess now, as an adult, what finally did break things, I’d have to say it a matter of priorities.  My mother’s were to her young family and her marriage. My father’s were simply not. I was three and my sister was newly born when things finally hit critical mass between my mother and father. It’s funny the things you remember: Continue reading

Oy Vey….THE Guilt! Silly and Simple Things That Make Us Happy Shouldn’t Make Us Feel Guilty, Too…

It’s happened to all of us at some point.

You’re at a family barbeque, being helpful by slicing up watermelon for everyone.  The middle (which is always the sweetest and if you cut right, is always the magical FIRST BITE…) is perfectly cooled and before you know it, you’ve sliced that “first bite” off a couple of wedges just for yourself.

See the pointy end? It KNOWS it's the first bite and it's just daring you...

See the pointy end? It KNOWS it’s the first bite and it’s just daring you…

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Last of the series! Awesome finale!

Monsters, and Madmen, and Robots Who Fight Monsters...Oh My!

John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982)

I really hate Star Wars.

There! After all these years I’ve finally stated it publicly. I feel liberated.

I really hate Star Wars.

I recognize the importance of the original trilogy when it comes to movies. I recognize the importance of the original trilogy when it comes to many people’s childhood memories. I also know that the fanboys in my family will probably burn my house down when they read this… so be it! One more time.

I really *hate* Star Wars.

I hate all six films. I hate the trillion video games, comic books, action figures, other toys and Lego sets. I hate Star Wars parodies. I hate the 600 pounds of questionable literature (why do people pay for fan fiction?) I hate that Disney owns it, just as they will one day own everything else, and I hate that they have plans to…

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